About the author

I’m a freelance artist and web designer who loves technology, animals, and not getting stung to death by clouds of hornets. I’ve got lots of opinions on lots of things, and am willing to share them with YOU for the low low price of the time it takes for you to read my posts. I try to be fair in my opinions and to not make blanket statements, but I am human, so don’t expect perfection.

My hobbies include both digital and traditional media drawing and painting, messing around with absurdly expensive (to a mere pauper like me) camera equipment, and talking about technologies in the realms of desktop and mobile computing. I’m a big fan of the Android mobile operating system, so expect to hear my ramblings on that every now and then. I like iOS as well, but I can’t dig my claws into that as much as I can Android, since Apple wants money for you to play with their fancy SDKs. I might also bring up videogames, their SDKs, and other assorted nerdy nonsense as well, since I love to speculate based on console hardware and whatnot.

I welcome all opinions, even those contrary to my own. So long as you avoid logical fallacies, your voice will be heard! Don’t know what a logical fallacy is? Name calling, putting words into my mouth, slippery slopes (if two guys can marry, soon seven space shuttles, a moose, and the concept of intense boredom will be able to get married! Oh noes! Where does it end!?) that sort of thing. Don’t do that, and I’ll let your comment stand. I moderate them because I detest spam in all it’s forms, so yeah… no selling male enhancement bs in my comments. :3

Last thing you need to know about me is that I lose interest very easily. If I haven’t said anything here in awhile, stick around if you like, but it’s possible that I’ve moved on (again).

Other than that, there’s not much to say. I am he, he is me, and others as well.


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