Drawing: The Coming Storm

The Coming Storm
Raegal watches as a storm slowly draws near.

This one is pretty big mc large huge. I was feeling pretty down, so I decided to play around in Photoshop, then this happened.

I don’t often put meaning into my artwork, but this is kinda how I’ve been feeling lately due to a long streak of very bad luck.


Things to come: Art, art, and more art!

I’m glad to see people dug my drawings. I’ve got some good news and some bad news on that front though. I’ll go ahead and start with the bad news.

That was the last drawing I had in that stack, and production has been slow lately. While I could dig through the deepest recesses of my collection, I’m loathe to promote art that was made years ago, as that could give the wrong impression about my current skill level. I do have something I’ve been messing with for the past two days, but once that’s posted (likely tomorrow) that’s got it for now.

But wait! Here’s the good news. Things may go quiet here for awhile, or they may not. It all depends on if I feel like talking about things or not. During this time, I’m going to be working on a neat little project I thought up last night at about 2:30 AM. The best ideas come when you’re least capable of implementing them.

As the title suggests, it’s art related. A series, specifically. I’ve tried these in the past with limited success, but this new idea seems quite promising! I shant go into details here yet, but once I’ve got the pictures done, I’ll start posting them once a day right here before anywhere else. I do this just to antagonize myself; I love posting art the instant it’s finished, so by disallowing myself to do that, I’ll spur myself on to finishing the rest so I can share my work! Clever, no?

Anyway, I’ve got one last thing to show you before I go silent. You’ll be seeing it tomorrow while I’m chugging away at these drawings. Oh, and you get one hint; this series has something to do with one of my current obsessions lately. It starts with the letter P.


Here comes some art! Day 6: Hyenas Rock

Hyenas Rock!
Billie (left) and Tina (right) jamming out like the spastic hyenas they are.

One of my more recent pieces, here is the last of this batch! On the left, we have Billie the female spotted hyena from before. On the right, we have Tina, another ‘yena. This time a dude! (Yes, Tina is male.)

Billie belongs to me, while Tina is a character made by a friend of mine.

Now that the ice is broken, what do you think? Do you have any questions? Want to know how this stuff was made?

Made in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Here comes some art! Day 5: Boggy Wallpaper

Raegal Wallpaper
A bunch of Raegal doodles turned into a desktop wallpaper.

Did I mention Raegal was a shape-shifter? No? Well he is. He’s a boggart, specifically. Not quite the Harry Potter kind of boggart, but more akin to the Susan Cooper variant. Quite the little trickster.

This was made mostly in Corel Painter X3 with background work done in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Here comes some art! Day 4: Nurse Billie

Nurse Billie
Billie the Hyena in her work clothes.

Here we have Billie the female spotted hyena nurse! She’s one of my favorite characters because I feel she is adorable. She’s also one of my newer characters, so her back story isn’t fully fleshed out just yet.

Tomorrow, we go Digital!

Here comes some art! Day 2: Lorelei on a Stool

Lorelei on a Stool
Lorelei the Otter sitting on a stool.

This piece is the second of six! This one features an otter character of mine named Lorelei. As you will soon see, I specialize in cartoony anthropomorphic animal characters, rather than humans or architecture or whatever. I just prefer to draw these sorts of things versus those.

Here comes some art! Day 1: Raegal Doodle

Bored Boggy
Fuzzy critter boredly writing things on paper.

Now that I’ve got a minute, let me share with you some of the things I’ve drawn in the past. I’ll be sharing a new drawing each day for the next six days, just to mess with posting queues.

This little fellow? His name is Raegal. Think of him as my personal mascot. He looks rather bored in this image. Click it for the full size version.

Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to your doo-imean welcome to Raegal’s Ramblings! What’s this blog about? Anything that comes to mind, really, but as I’m writing this, the intent is for it to be musings about technology, art, and occasionally videogames. I might talk about current events or share some things I’ve learned about web design or some other thing like that. For now, though, I’ve got all sorts of nothing to say. This will change soon, I assure you.

Got anything you’d like to know about me that isn’t covered in the About page? Let me know! Depending on my interest levels, I may create a sister blog to this one featuring artwork and the like. I don’t know yet.

The theme you see here may or may not be temporary, as I might change it out with a theme of my own creation. I just need to learn the ropes of WordPress again, as it’s literally been about 4 years since I last messed with this. Here’s to a hopefully not comatose blog!